Literally Create, Edit and Manage Everything From Web Browser

Premium WP Plugin

Quick and easily install onto any wordpress blog and start managing multiple campaigns right away!

Manage Unlimited Campaigns

Manage all of your campaigns that each contain it's own settings with unlimited pages per campaign!

Easily Create New Pages

Create new pages for each campaign using a blank start or one of the 8 different content layouts to start with.

Built-in Live Page Editor

Amazing all-new HTML5 page editing to edit your page on the fly changing text, adding images, html and saving instantly.

Customize Design Settings

Each campaign had design settings that are set once and effect all of the pages for that campaign.

Campaign SEO Settings

Fully edit the SEO settings and add your own custom CSS / JS that will be reflected on all pages for that campaign.

Custom Background Image

Use color picker to choose the color of the background and add URL to an image for background to set on all pages per campaign.

Custom Header Image

Add the URL to any image that you would like to appear as the header, width is 810px and can show no header image as well.

Edit, View and Delete

Edit, view and delete each page for your campaigns. Full control over each page, and campaign all inside wordpress.

Helpful Video Tour

Watch the helpful 5 minute video to see how easy it is to setup a campaign with multiple pages with no effort at all!

Instant Download Access

Get instant download access to the wp plugin to use on all your wp blogs by clicking the button below right now!

Works on FB Timeline

Works on new FB Timeline since the width is 810px - this is just a bonus! Just use URL for pages in your FB fanpage.

Use Built-In Live Page Editor to Create & Edit Pages Inside Your Web Browser While Managing Unlimited Campaigns

Developer Licence Included

Use this plugin on unlimited about of blogs that you want, but you really only need one blog so you can manage unlimited amount on. Included for limited time.

Premium Wordpress Plugin

Will not interfere with your current blog theme or other plugins. Creates pages seperately and allows you to edit and manage all your pages.

60 Day Mony Back Gaurantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your order you can get a full refund. No questions asked in the first 60 days only. Thank you for your purchase!