Watch The WP Plugin In Action

What Is Included In WP Call Directory Plugin:

Powerful WP Plugin

Easy to install & use Wordpress plugin. Get started right away, and set up your call directory...

Easy Integration With Twilio

Dead simple integration with Twilio, and it only costs $2 a month for a number with Twilio...

Manage Full On Call Directory

Setup a directory for each keypad number from 0 to 9...

Read Important Information

With the Twilio text-2-speech engine you can have your departments read info to the caller like store hours, and special deals...

Leave A Message System

You can have a department record a message from the caller then have the recording be sent to an email, great support...

Super Simple Call Forwarding

You can have a department call any number you wish, great to connect with sales, or support!

Easy To Install

Just upload the zip file to your WP install, and your good to go! It's really that simple to get started...

Helpful Tutorial Guides

You will be able to access helpful guides on how to setup your Twilio with the plugin... Super helpful!


Yes, just for the low price of $9, you can also get Developers license! You can use this for as many projects as you want. Unlimited domains!